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Product - Automatic Tray Collapsing System

Product - Automatic Tray Collapsing System

Automatic Tray Collapsing System

This system is designed to close in sequence the sides of washed supermarket collapsible trays, it has been introduced to remove the labour content and health and safety risks associated with the manual task of closing the tray sides.

This all electric modular system is capable of collapsing plastic trays after they have been washed. it is also capable of seamlessly processing random output of tray types large and small automatically and at a rate of 3700 per hour.

The system is very easy to install and use. It is a true plug in and use system which offers a continuose tray collapsing solution, 24 hours seven day per week without the need for any labour. It also is maintenance free and only requires servicing once a year.

It benifits the owner in many ways, relieving you from all direct and indirect labour costs such as: - Hiring, holiday and sickness cover, insurance and repetative strain injury claims and other mandatory welfare and pension conditions which are being introduced during 2009.