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Product - Assembly Cell

Product - Assembly Cell

Assembly Cell

This system has been designed to fully assemble a plastic crate at the side of an injection-moulding machine. An interlocked guard surrounds the assembly area.

The plastic crate is removed from the moulding machine by a floor mounted six-axis robot and transferred to the assembly station. Assembly involves clipping two handles in place and using the robot to attach six wheels and six axle pins to form the finished unit. On completion the robot transfers the finished crate to a conveyor belt for transportation out of the cell.


The system includes the following components

1. The Handle Clipper machine which comprises the following:
1.1. Handle bowl feeder system.
1.2. Pick and place transfer system.
1.3. Turntable with nesting for the handles and for the moulded crates.
1.4. Out feed conveyor.
1.5. Handle clipper control cabinet with HMI

2. The six axis robot which transfers the moulded box on to the handle clipper
3. A bowl feeder system to supply wheels to the robot
4. A bowl feeder system to supply axle pins to the robot
5. An interlocked cell to protect personnel from moving machinery
6. Robot control cabinet and teach pendant