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Product - Liquid Fill and Seal

Product - Liquid Fill and Seal

Liquid Fill and Seal

The new FSX1 Fill and Seal machine is very flexible and can automatically dispense and dose fluids accurately into all types of plastic pouches and containers and it is capable of closing each one with a secure and reliable seal.
The FSX1 has bottom or top filling modes with programmable depth setting and filling routines.
The FSX1 has an easy to use menu driven display for selecting the fill volume and the sealing time. A batch counter is also provided.
The FSX1 Fill and Seal machine is of a safe, modern and hygienic design. Made of a solid stainless steel construction and is provided with a 24 vdc electro-pneumatic Plc based control system.
Operation:-The operator places a pouch or container into the fill station, close the safety door and initiates the automatic fill, transfer and seal sequence. During the seal sequence the operator is able to load the next pouch or container.

  • Measured flow rate @ 16 Lpm.
  • Seal time @ 3-5 seconds concurrent with the fill cycle
  • 8 -10 ppm based upon 1 litre volume of low viscosity fluid
CE certification is provided and its power supply requirements are 110 - 230 vac and compressed air @ 60psi.